We come from an island in the Bering Sea, where legend says the wind was born. Our corporation today operates in 25 states and 10 countries. We build massive wind farms, develop world-class wildlife and hospitality properties, and provide engineering and operations services to some of the U.S. government’s most critical programs around the world.

TDX Government Services Group

TDX Government ServicesSubsidiaries in our TDX Government Services Group are the backbone of many government facilities and operations worldwide. Our companies provide new construction and building renovation services in seven states and the District of Columbia. They also provide top-tier maintenance and support services for primary and backup power generation systems around the world. We are recognized industry leaders in customer switchgear and power controls design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning and our customers include international airports, regional hospitals, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (MDA), water treatment facilities, regional and local utilities, and major pharmaceutical companies, among others. Read more

TDX Power Group

TDX PowerRenewable energy addresses the high cost of fuel in remote areas and requires expertise in wind farm generation and other power systems. Sand Point Generating and other subsidiaries provide wholesale power to regional utilities using hybrid wind/diesel systems. Our company in Deadhorse, Alaska uses a natural gas and diesel system serving oil service companies in America’s largest oil field, Prudhoe Bay. The companies in TDX Power Group understand the unique demands of remote and harsh environmental locations and the importance of building and operating reliable, cost-effective solutions for both the public and private sectors.
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TDX Hospitality Group - Alaska Park

TDX Hospitality Group

The TDX Hospitality Group serve guests in hotels, restaurants, and parking facilities in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. The Coast International Inn, located on Lake Hood at the Anchorage International Airport, is a favorite Alaskan hotel for over 30 years, and renowned for its friendly welcome, comfortable guest rooms, and dining choices. Our Alaska Valet Park facility is located near the Anchorage International Airport, and serves nearly 1000 vehicles per day. Read more


The Aleut Hunter

The Aleut hunter and fisherman braved rain, wind, and sometimes violent and unpredictable seas that even today challenge the mightiest vessels. He paddled through storms and swells to bring home the bounty of the sea to family and friends. This courage, strength, and tireless drive to provide a better life for our people is the foundation for our corporation activities.
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