TDX Government Services Group

The TDX Government Services Group is comprised of companies that are industry leaders in power systems engineering, construction management, power operations and sustainment, and fuel sales, storage, facility operations, and distribution. Our client-focused teams deliver a wide-range of services, from large turnkey projects and service contracts, to small projects and services. We provide year-round services across the globe to some of our country’s most critical infrastructure clients. We strive to always exceed our customers’ expectations in quality and value, and we never lose sight of our core values, honesty, integrity, and a strong work ethic. We are committed to unwavering support to our customers’ missions.

At TDX we have a unified approach to ethics and compliance which allows our teams to focus on delivering high quality services across the board. An umbrella of consistent processes, procedures, and policies, in concert with TDX’s Shared Services group, ensures maximum efficiency, effectiveness and controls for cost and schedule. Our values are the foundation of our work, and this core philosophy drives TDX companies and employees to deliver on time and within budget.

TDX Government Services is headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, and has satellite and branch offices in NJ, DE, GA, and NC, CO, OR and WA.

TDX Quality, LLC

TDX Quality, LLC (TDXQ) is a full-service contractor that specializes in design build and general construction. From new construction to renovation and rehabilitation projects, the TDXQ team serves clients throughout the United States. TDXQ is a certified participant under the U.S. Small Business Administration’s 8(a) business development program.

Headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, TDXQ has offices across the United States, centrally located to many large and small government facilities, including an SBA approved Bonafide Place of Business in Wrightstown, New Jersey. The TDXQ team takes great pride in the application of best practices on each project. We team with our customers and ensure projects are a success. If it’s not a success for our customer, it’s not a success for TDXQ.

TDX Quality

Sand Point Services, LLC

Sand Point Services, LLC (SPS) is a full-service contractor specializing in design-build and general construction projects. From conceptual design and new construction to renovation and rehabilitation projects, SPS serves clients throughout the United States. At SPS, we partner with our customers to ensure their projects are completed in the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective manner. Headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, SPS has regional and satellite offices throughout the U.S., centrally located to many large and small government facilities.

Sand Point Services

TDX Global, LLC

Keeping your power on. Any jobsite. Anywhere in the world. 24/7.

Few things are more important to the successful completion of your project and safety of your people than reliable electricity every hour of every day. No matter where your crew is working, TDX Global’s multi-specialized team of power-generation professionals will be there with them to keep the lights on, heat or A/C running, and equipment powered up. We have the extensive experience and integrated capabilities to install, maintain, repair, and test any make of primary and/or backup power-generation system from large-scale projects to off-site, self-contained tasks, from major cities to very remote, challenging locations.

TDX Global also offers a wide array of support services for power systems, eliminating the need for multiple contractors and providing you with substantial cost savings. Collectively, our team has nearly 100 years of experience with engine-driven generators and backup power systems of all sizes.

Our technicians are Certified Power Generation Technicians (EGSA), and all TDX electricians hold current state-issued licenses of journeyman or above.

TDX Global

TDX International (TDXI)

TDX International (TDXI) is an Alaska Native Corporation defense intelligence contracting firm offering best in breed services and technologies to the U.S. Intelligence Community and Department of Defense. We hire the best industry experts, pursue work supporting critical missions in national security and intelligence, and partner with our customers to ensure their success.

TDXI’s core capabilities lie in defense and intelligence services where the next generation of warfare will rely heavily on the collection, curation, analysis, management and safeguarding of data. Defense and intelligence services takes these tasks to a new level, uniting capabilities like collection and analysis with public relations and influence operations to deliver the full spectrum of information operations to the United States and our partner allies. TDXI team members are expert in designing solutions that address our evolving national security challenges, rapidly integrating them into mission sets to achieve results.

TDX International

TDX Global Solutions, LLC

TDX Global Solutions, LLC (TDXGS) is expert in all facets of power-generation systems/controls, including power controls and switchgear design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning – worldwide. Our team has expertise in power generation and distribution systems and has performed on projects up to 220MW. We are experts in systems integration, PLC controls and human-machine interface packages.

TDX Global Solutions, LLC

St. Paul Fuel

St. Paul Fuel, LLC (SPF) is also an 8(a) company and is a regional leader in fuel sales and delivery in the Bering Sea, Western Alaska and the Aleutians. The St. Paul Fuel team has the capacity to provide full fuel sales and delivery services throughout the Pacific theater. Our customer base includes fisheries, regional fuel storage facilities, the U.S Government, and industry and private clients, all of whom rely on St. Paul Fuel for fuel sales and deliveries in remote and harsh environments. St. Paul Fuel owns and operates a fuel storage and distribution facility on the Island of St. Paul, in the Bering Sea. From this base, our team provides fuel service to the Bering Sea fishing and crabbing fleets, aviation customers, the U.S Coast Guard, regional bulk fuel storage companies, and supports developing markets associated with the opening of the Northern Passage and development in the Arctic.

St. Paul Fuel

Updated 5/30/19