TDX Power Group

TDX Power is determined to provide solutions for the high prices of fuel-generated electricity in rural Alaska. Renewable energy addresses the high cost of fuel in remote areas and requires expertise in power generation systems. A recognized expert in small utility electric systems and a leader in renewable energy power generation, the company operates three regulated electric utilities and one wholesale provider in Alaska, maintaining critical, must-run generation services with an average uptime of 99.8 percent.

Over the last 15 years, clients in both the public and private sector have come to rely on TDX Power to develop, implement, and operate reliable, cost-effective solutions using diesel, natural gas, and/or renewable energies. In addition, TDX Power assists clients in meeting their energy needs through Power Purchase Agreements. The companies in TDX Power Group understand the unique demands of remote and harsh environmental locations and the importance of building and operating reliable, cost-effective solutions for both the public and private sectors.

TDX is committed to providing our customers in Alaska with reliable power. We own or support standalone utilities from small, island communities to our nation’s largest oil field. Each of these communities is isolated and not connected to the larger power grid. Temperatures are often far below zero, so power is more than simple convenience. It can be a matter of life or death.


Aleutian Wind Energy

Since 2006, we have provided wholesale wind power to the utility company in Sand Point, a remote island community on Alaska’s west coast. Customers receive power from a hybrid wind/diesel system, which has maintained a nearly perfect uptime record.

TDX North Slope Generating

TDX owns and operates the power plant and distribution system in Deadhorse that serve major oil companies operating in Prudhoe Bay, using a natural gas and diesel system. After purchasing the facility in 2002, TDX invested in extensive upgrades that significantly increased reliability and reduced costs.

TDX North Slope Generating

TDX Adak Generating

Far out in the Aleutian Islands, Adak is a long way from help. Reliable, locally generated power is essential. TDX took over operations of the Adak utility company in 2008 and has invested over $1 million in repairs and upgrades to both power generation and distribution systems.

TDX Adak Generating

TDX Manley Generating

Winter temperatures in Alaska’s Interior are regularly below zero. People in Manley Hot Springs depend on us to keep the lights and heat on. We have provided reliable power to residents and businesses since purchasing the local utility and power-generation facility in 2008.

TDX Manley Generating

TDX Sand Point Generating, LLC

Since acquiring the utility in 2000, SPG has consistently maintained reliability and adapted to the changing demands of the growing community and advancing technology. In 2011, in response to rising fuel costs and the company’s commitment to sustainable energy, SPG integrated a 1-MW wind farm (Aleutian Wind Energy) into its system. Diesel consumption is estimated to drop 140,000 gallons per year as a result.

TDX Power Services

TDX Power Services, LLC was established in 2004 to provide electrical contracting services to the federal government and State of Alaska as well as surrounding commercial customers. Additionally, TDX Power Services provides electrical contracting services to commercial customers within Alaska.


Regulatory Affairs

Compliance is a priority for TDX Power. We maintain a regulatory affairs team within our Anchorage office that works rigorously with the staff at each location to ensure our utilities are focused on compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.

Updated 1/2/18